None of it makes any sense.

A savage attack in the city’s most elegant neighbourhood. A Sorbonne professor dating a hedge fund manager. A state-backed bank conspiring to promote false arrests. A serial seductress who’ll lie about everything, but not about love. A billionaire trader who sleeps in flea-ridden hotels. A woman in a haute couture dress who’d rather have an eighteenth century book than a Cartier bracelet. A murder suspect given to speculating about his own guilt.

Franck Guerin of the Brigade Criminelle has a dead woman on his hands, slain minutes after she walked out on her lover. And a nagging suspicion that he’ll never solve the crime until he learns to read the hearts of those whose lives touched hers.

Which is a lot to ask of a man who has a hard job deciphering his own.

Hard-Hearted : a contemporary crime novel set in Paris.
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