Everybody hates Bruno Kahn. Except for those who love him.

The smoothest of operators, he has wormed his way into one of the richest families in Paris, subjugating its elderly patriarch with his dark arts. The only remaining obstacle on his path is his victim's daughter, who will stop at nothing to free her father from Kahn's clutches. Including paying an unscrupulous freelance photographer to dog his footseps and discover what he gets up to when no one is looking.

What the photographer found out, nobody knows. He didn't manage to file his report before his battered corpse was found in a quiet passageway. So now it's up to Franck Guerin of the Brigade Criminelle to decide whether Kahn is simply the most charming of men or a silver-tongued devil.

Or whether more sinister forces are at work that menace not just one family's cossetted existence but the very fabric of the nation.

Silver-Tongued : a contemporary crime novel set in Paris.
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