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Debilly footbridge
Linking the 7th and 16th arrondissement

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The Seine boasted a handful of pedestrian bridges, the oldest being the iconic Pont des Arts downstream from the Ile de la Cité, struggling under the weight of the padlocks that had infested it like a metallic skin disease, and the most recent the Simone de Beauvoir bridge stretching effortlessly in two mirrored curves from the twelfth to the thirteenth arrondissement. Of them all, the Debilly bridge was the least used. Despite the excellent perspective it offered of the Eiffel Tower, it linked the largely deserted avenue de New York, a busy traffic artery cutting the easternmost corner of the sixteenth arrondissement from the Seine, to a neglected stretch of the left bank marred by a riverside staging area for cement trucks and a loading dock for barges ferrying construction debris out of the city.
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