In Paris, intellectuals are rock stars. Jean-Jacques Marsay is no exception, prized for his writings and adored for his public appearances. His wife, a beautiful and talented actress, is no less famous. They live a charmed life.

Not so Virginie Desmoulins, found strapped to her bed and drained of her blood. She had been working closely with Marsay, editing his latest book. When last seen alive she was in an expensive restaurant, dining tête-à-tête with his wife. She’s the first of their circle to die. Others will follow.

Handling the investigation, Franck Guerin of the Brigade Criminelle unearths a host of hidden truths, becoming the custodian of the couple’s secrets. Which ought to worry him. That’s the one thing all the victims had in common.

Tight-Lipped : a contemporary crime novel set in Paris.
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